Upgrade your commercial or industrial space to energy efficient lighting with Nova Electric!

Warehouse with industrial LED lights
Office & Retail
Retrofitting an office or retail space not only saves money on energy costs, but has numerous other benefits to functionality, employee comfort, and productivity as well. Oftentimes it is required by code to add lighting controls such as dimming and scheduling that allow for additional energy savings and maximum control of your lighting. Many options even include the ability to adjust lighting levels and analyze energy savings from any device. 
Industrial lighting consumes an immense amount of energy and requires frequent maintenance. Imagine cutting that energy consumption in half and nearly eliminating maintenance! LEDs make that possible as well as provide bright, evenly distributed light for any industrial application including warehouses, parking lots, shipping ports, gas station canopies, and many more.
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Energy Efficiency Consulting

Let the experts at Nova Electric assess your lighting system and calculate a detailed energy savings FREE OF CHARGE! Our thorough savings calculations take into account your energy rates, peak hours, maintenance costs, rebates, and more. We even research the best incentives to maximize your savings. Job walks take as little as 30 minutes and we handle the rest. Shortly after, you will receive a detailed information package with everything you need to get started. Our advanced consultations even include 0% finance options that often provide customers with a ​​​POSITIVE CASH FLOW upon job completion.

California C7 & C10 Electrical Contracting

Nova Electric offers high quality C10 and C7 licensed and insured electrical contracting. Our master electrician, Robert Suiter, has been in the electrical industry since 1990 and has trained our staff to be up to par with the best in the state. At Nova Electric, we take pride in doing our job well so we back up all labor with a 5-year warranty.

We work hand in hand with our suppliers to stay up to date with new products and technology such as advanced lighting control systems. Due to California's Energy Standards, many lighting upgrades require these lighting conrol systems that can also help you save even more money!

Nova Electric is an active member of the lighting community. Our staff is up to date with all of the latest products and has maintained good relationships with the state's top suppliers and manufacturers. We find the right products to fit your needs at the most competitive prices!
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